First DeFi Platform for AMM and Integrated NFT Farming

Deckspot is the first DeFi platform that provides both AMM and integrated NFT Farming on Binance blockchain network.

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What is Deckspot?

Deckspot is a dedicated Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and a staking platform where users can provide liquidity to the DEX, trade different types of assets in a decentralized way and get rewarded for doing so. The platform is created without the flaws of existing approaches, enabling proper money markets to function, and creating a safe positive-yield approach to the liquidity provided by platform members.

Our Products

Decentralized Exchange

Deckspot is the AMM-based Decentralized Exchange on the Binance Smartchain network and it is designed to exchange one token for another directly, bypassing trading platforms and other intermediaries.

VIP Staking

This is the feature which allows users to stake an amount of token, either WIS, LP Token in a flexible set of time from 1 month up to 5 years. Rewards earned from VIP Staking will be much higher than normal Staking. With high rewards from VIP Staking, xWIS earned will also be higher. Reward will be based on APR of normall Staking. Different lock periods provide different reward rates.

NFT Integration

we have designed Deckspot with NFT functionalities to create a novel, better and more appealing competitive advantage to our users. There are two types of NFTs in the Deckspot collection. They are Wings NFT and Ship Booster NFT.

Liquidity Pool

Explained in clearer terms, when a user supplies an asset – provides liquidity to the pool, it automatically becomes a fungible resource. The token deposited in the liquidity pool is denoted with a value or derivative. This gives the supplier ownership rights of the reward paid on the total amount supplied.

The assigned derivative is thus defined as an increasing percentage ownership claim of a portion of the liquidity pool supplied to the smart contract on the Binance blockchain. With this, supplying liquidity to the pool is equal to having a derivative which represents the supplier's contribution in the liquidity pool.

Yield Farming

Yield farming is one of the core features of Deckspot. It allows users to earn DKS while supporting WingSwap by farming LP tokens.

The farming rewards will be very attractive in the early stages to attract liquidity to the project, however, will decrease over time and stablize.

Deckspot will have a suitable lock and unlock mechanism to keep the token price and ensure the benefit of users.


Deckspot Roadmap


Deckspot Referral
Reward System

Deckspot introduced the referral reward system to drive traffic to the platform and increase its user base. Users will get more rewards from the person who joins in Deckspot via their invitation. Everyone who joined via your invitation will get rewarded in BNB and DKS.

Deckspot Use Cases

The DKS token is a deflationary token that uses a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm and it is regulated by a token burn and buyback strategy.

Here is a summary of some of the utilities of the token:
  • Pay a 0.25% fee on every transaction
  • Participate in the liquidity pools
  • Participate in staking, yield farming and NFT exchange .

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